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BT48 is a design & dev company based in Derry.


Currently working on /

We have just finished a recruitment application for Rarco Systems (NYC) and and are finishing off some smaller projects in Derry & Belfast. We will be available for new projects in September. We're too busy building other sites to do much to our own at the moment - we will be uploading a full portfolio in due course.

What we do /

We have three full time employees (with combined 40 years of experience) and specialise in providing bespoke designed websites built on the Drupal open Source platform and are committed to developing usable and accessible websites. We aim to help organisations reach their target audience with the right technology, a compelling message and an engaging design.

Design /

50% of web viewers will judge your site on the front end design immediately. We can work with you to create the desired first impression. We aim to enhance user experience through clever, well thought out design, enhance site experience through intuitive interfaces and maintain interest with an astute attention to detail. We design for humans. As part of our process, we analyze the competitive landscape and asses how you can best distinguish yourself from the pack. When we understand what you are about, we can design for you and your project.

Code /

Although we specialise in providing Drupal solutions we can also provide Wordpress, Joomla and custom solutions depending on your needs. All sites that we create are: updatable using a web-based interface allowing users to update the system from anywhere without needing any specialist tools. developed to recognised accessibility standard such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). valid HTML and CSS subject to rigorous user testing with the target audience using Morae from TechSmith. based on a standard LAMP stack to ensure that hardware costs are kept to a minimum and clients have the ability to switch hosts easily.

Manage /

We utilise an agile development approach. Agile development is an iterative approach based on frequent inspection and adaptation to ensure that your needs and goals are met. Our development approach ensures that any issues are highlighted early in the process and that a working product is delivered for testing in stages. Due to your regular involvement and feedback, your project will be more error free, more user friendly and adhere more closely to your requirements. We use enterprise class software (Jira, Confluence) to manage all aspects of the project from documentation through bug testing and new feature requests. Clients are provided with access to a subset of the tools to monitor progress and track bugs/feature requests.

Print /

We offer a range of traditional graphic design services - logo design, business cards, brochures, you name it. We work with a group of select trusted printhouses both locally and internationally, to manage your print work from concept through layout and design, to delivery.

Also /

We also offer photography, video and sound on the front end of things - as well as social media set ups, hosting and CMS training behind the screen.

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Contact /

James Cunningham
Floor Four
Magazine Studios
6-8 Magazine Street
BT48 6HJ
Ph: 07791 772 742
Email James